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Application areas for handheld LIBS ---- LIBS Analyzer Spectrometer HopeLight HP-VELA001 from China

Publish Date 2019-04-01
1. Alloy material identification (PMI) -- incoming material inspection, inventory material management, and installation material reinspection In petrochemical construction, pressure vessels, metallurgy, petroleum, electric power, aerospace and other industries, alloy material identification is the main component of safe production management system. It is well known that mixing or using substandard materials can cause serious safety problems ( Such as fire, explosion, etc ).Many companies and industry organizations have established strict raw material appraisal procedures to ensure production and installation of the alloy materials are consistent with the requirements of the engineering design.
2, Waste metal and material recycling
In recent years, the metal waste recycling industry has developed very fast, in the face of a variety of alloy types and mixed materials, Material quality must use advanced detection means with rapid and accurate analysis and testing at spot to adapt the changing market. A handheld LIBS alloy analyzer can be used on a large amount of metal waste , Conducting on-site testing and rapid classification to provide the necessary information for both the buyer and the seller to make a quick and reliable judgment in the transaction of raw materials.

3. Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC)
Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) of materials is essential in the metal product manufacturing industry. Due to using the unqualified or not consistent with the standard metal materials, it often bring losses to the production enterprises. Currently, there are more and more handheld LIBS alloy analysis equipment are used in this industry field, from small metal manufacturers to large aerospace manufacturers, handheld LIBS alloy analysis equipment is increasingly designated as a powerful weapon for the identification of alloy materials in the quality system (QA/QC).
Application cases of handheld LIBS devices in aluminum alloy industry:
1. Classification of raw materials before aluminum alloy smelting -- usually, large aluminum alloy production and processing enterprises have smelting equipment, and they will follow customers or
production requirements, the primary aluminum and recycled aluminum alloy plus other elements smelted into the required alloy. The ingredients used are closer to being produced , the lower the melting cost. At this moment the requirement of feeding the more expensive pure copper, pure aluminum, or pure magnesium use will be reduced, smelting time, insulation time can also be shortened. This requires the help of a tool that can be used in the field for rapid component analysis and brand recognition line of raw material classification.
For example, the handheld LIBS alloy analyzer purchased by Alcoa is mainly used for the classification of aluminum alloy scrap before smelting. The f-150 raptor pickup truck manufactured by Alcoa for Ford mainly supplies four kinds of aluminum alloy: 6022, 6111, 5182, 5754.Ford plant stamping after the aluminum alloy scrap will be recycled by Alcoa, and for re-smelting as raw materials. Alcoa try to produce the 6000 series of aluminum alloys by using the scrap material of 6000 series aluminum alloy in quantity, and try to use the scrap of 5000 series aluminum alloy when producing 5000 series aluminum alloy Angle feed to reduce the amount of pure magnesium or other pure elements.
2. Fast quality inspection/confirmation (quality inspection) of raw materials (such as aluminum ingots) of aluminum alloy processing enterprises.
Aluminum alloy processing enterprises will usually buy aluminum ingot/aluminum as raw materials, now can only rely on the seller to provide the inspection report or after sample preparation laboratory through OES (Spark direct reading spectrometer), but OES is more inconvenience and not work for thin plate, There’s materials dealer took 1060 (0.03, manganese, magnesium Mg: Mn 0.05 or less) aluminum plate as a 3004 (0.8 ~ 1.3, manganese magnesium Mg: 1.0 ~ 1.5 Mn) aluminum plate sold to customers as a structure applications which led to a serious quality accident. The handheld LIBS alloy analyzer can avoid such problems.
3. Series confirmation or component analysis (quality control) of aluminum alloy processing enterprises and finished products in the production process
Some aluminum alloy processing enterprises may use different grades of aluminum alloy processing parts, sometimes unintentionally mixed situation, then you can use handheld LIBS alloy analyzer for rapid Series recognition for confirmation. You can also use handheld LIBS alloy analyzer before the delivery of aluminum alloy products for 100% full inspection, testing is non-destructive. However, the direct reading spark spectrometer can not be used for the direct detection of finished products because it is lossy and requires sample preparation. If the copper alloy production enterprise requires that the whole production process should not contain "beryllium" or other harmful elements, then the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products can be confirmed at any time through handheld LIBS alloy analyzer whether there are contaminated elements.

Application areas for handheld LIBS ---- LIBS Analyzer Spectrometer HopeLight HP-VELA001 from China
Application areas for handheld LIBS ---- LIBS Analyzer Spectrometer HopeLight HP-VELA001 from China

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